URBAN AGRI FARMS - Micro Greens supplier in Hyderabad 


We are a team of passionate urban farmers. Our objective is to provide clean and fresh food to masses at affordable cost. We have a technologically superior fully automated urban farm very close to the city where we grow our food Our indoor vertical farm uses 99% less land and 95% less water to grow pesticides free non-GMO plants.

Fresh Products & Delivered Fast 

Our greens are harvested just an hour before delivery hence you get fresh product at your doorstep. Delivery Charges apply. 

You can Order online or through Zomato & DUNZO

Zero Pesticides -------------Just Picked ----------Flavourful

100% Organic

All our products in the microgreen segments are organic and non GMO. Our lettuce are grown hydroponically.

Unbelievable Taste

Our product are flavourful, fresh and have unbelievable taste. Since they are harvested just before delivery

Triple Washed

Our products are washed three times before they are packed so you don’t have to wash them yourself.