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Microgreens in Hyderabad

Our Story

We are a team of passionate urban farmers. Our objective is to provide clean, fresh, pesticides free non-GMO food to masses at affordable cost. 

Our food is grown in a technologically superior fully automated indoor vertical urban farm very close to the city. We use 99% less land and 95% less water.
Lettuce in Hyderabad

Zero Pesticides

All our products in the microgreen segments are organic and non-GMO. Our lettuce are grown hydroponically with utmost care.

For Zero Pesticides Microgreens in Hyderabad, Lettuce in Hyderabad or for Green Salads in Hyderabad, you can always rely upon us. We are pioneers in Microgreen production.  
Green Salads in Hyderabad

Just Picked

Our greens are harvested just an hour before delivery hence you get fresh product at your doorstep. Delivery Charges apply.  

For your orders of Microgreens in Hyderabad, or for green Salad in Hyderabad, you can either call or Whattsapp us or can also get it ordered through Zomato or Dunzo.
Salads in Hyderabads


Our products are flavourful, fresh and have unbelievable taste. Try our wide range of nutritious microgreens and salad kits.

Be it Microgreens in Hyderabad, Lettuce or Green Salads, our products are  among the best and  when you buy from us, you are always assured of our quality product  


Green salads in hyderabad
Lettuce Green / Red

Sweet, fresh, mildly flavoured, rich in vitamin A,K, B carotene, folate and vitamin C

Rs 70.00

Micro green in Hyderabad
Super Green Box (150 gms)

Spicy, sharp and flavourful, having it will make you joyful and energized

Rs 150.00

Lettuce in Hyderabad
Women's Health Box (150 gms)

These micro greens will keep you fresh and energized every day of the month

Rs 150.00

Green Salad in Hyderabad
Be Sporty Everyday (150 gms)

Designed to increase your endurance level, these microgreens will replenish energy 

Rs 150.00

Micro greens Hyderabad
Girl Power (150 gms) 

This microgreen box will meet your minerals & vitamins shortfall & will give you power to fight diseases

Rs 150.00

Salad Green Vegetables in Hyderabad
Multivitamin Pack (150 gms)

 Have a shot daily to maintain good health. Fight diseases and deficiencies

Rs 150.00

Micro green Vegetables in Hyderabad
Protein Greens (150 gms)
These microgreens are perfect for salads, smoothies, shakes, home-made dips and daily dal.

Rs 150.00

green Vegetables in Hyderabad
Immunity Booster (150 gms)

Use these microgreens for salads, make a chutney or give your yogurt a spicy twist 

Rs 150.00

Micro Greens Secunderabad
Leafy Greens Mix (150 gms) 

A mix of Kale, Arugula, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Mint & Coriander

Rs 95.00

Microgreen Mix in Hyderabad
Microgreens Mix (150 gms)

 A wide mix of organically grown nutritious microgreens for enhancing immunity

Rs 95.00

Herbs in Hyderabad
Herbs Mix (150 gms)
A mix of Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Mint & Coriander for boosting your immunity

Rs 95.00

Kale in Hyderabad
Kale (150 gms)

Superfood for boosting immunity and well being for healthy and long life

Rs 100.00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Microgreens

Q What are microgreens ?

A. Microgreens are small, nutrition dense leafy greens that are very healthy and nutritious. These are five to eight days old plants and can meet all the multivitamin needs of an individual. Microgreens are 40 times more nutritious than their mature counterparts. 

Urban Agri Farms in Hyderabad is one of the top technologically savvy hydroponic farm in Hyderabad that specializes in growing and Selling Microgreens in Hyderabad. For any requirement of Microgreens in Hyderabad, call us  or Whattsapp up on our number. 

Q Are microgreens same as sprouts ?

A. No, microgreens are not same as sprouts. Sprouts are 2-3 days old seeds whereas microgreens are 5-6 days old mini plants. Microgreens are more nutritious than sprouts. 

Q. Are microgreens organic ? 

A. Not all microgreens sold in the market are Organic. Microgreens grown and sold by Urban Agri Farms in Hyderabad are organically grown in their greenhouse in Hyderabad under strict conditions with Zero Pesticide. Even, the medium used for growing microgreens are coco peat and water. 

Q. Which are the most popular microgreens ? 

A. Radish, Sunflower shoots and Pea shoots are the most popular microgreens, given the flavour and nutrition content in them.You can get them throughout the year from Urban Agri Farms in Hyderabad

Q. How should one eat microgreens ? 

A. Microgreens can be used in and consumed in salads, smoothies, frankie rolls, pizza, burger, dal tadka, and parathas. They should be eaten in raw form, as they lose nutrition value on cooking. They taste better in salads, rolls or a smoothie.

Q. Where can I buy microgreens in Hyderabad ? 

A. Urban Agri Farms in Hyderabad grows close to 25 varieties of microgreens organically. Most of these greens are five days old and have highest amount of nutrition content in them. These products are available in Qmart, Ratnadeep chain of stores , food delivery apps like Dunzo and Zomato Market.You can also Order Microgreens in Hyderabad through the website of Urban Agri Farms in Hyderabad

Q. Can multivitamins be replaced by Microgreens ? 

A. Microgreens have large number of minerals and vitamin and are natural multivitamins. Regular intake of microgreens not only boost immunity but also fights diseases and enhance well being.  

Q. Can we call microgreens Superfood ? 

A. In today’s age, microgreens are considered Superfood and they meet all the multivitamin needs of the body naturally.


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